Serbian team at bootcamp in Vienna

From June 6 to 9, 2024, the International Ethical Hacking Bootcamp was held in Vienna, organized by Cyber ​​Security Austria and the TU Wien Cybersecurity Center. With more than 100 participants from different parts of Europe, this event is one of the most significant in the field of education of young experts in cyber security. This training is part of the preparations for the upcoming European Cyber ​​Security Challenge (ECSC) 2024, which will be held in October in Turin, Italy.

Serbian team, which also participated the previous year, was one of ten national teams, with the addition of the European team that is preparing for the International Cybersecurity Challenge. Over three days, participants had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through a series of lectures and workshops, including lectures on the cryptographic way of thinking, Cyberspace security, OT threat hunting, heap exploitation and pwntools.

This event reaffirmed the importance of international cooperation and education in the field of cyber security, providing an important platform for networking and knowledge exchange between participants. We thank the organizers for providing this exceptional opportunity for our team to participate and contribute their experience and knowledge at such an important international event.