Information and rules related to the finals of the competition SCC2024

  1. The final stage of the competition is conducted between formed teams whose members have passed the qualification stage of the competition. The list of teams can be found in the table below.
  2. Participation in the competition is limited to personal presence at the location of the competition in SKIP Center.
  3. Online participation, remote access outside the competition site is not allowed (access addresses are followed), except in situations where the Organizing Committee approves it.
  4. The start of the finals of the competition is May 14, 2024.
  5. The use of assistance by third parties as well as any cooperation between teams is prohibited. Violation of this rule will be sanctioned by exclusion from the competition. Before the competition itself, a jury of judges will be formed who will oversee the competition and have the right to check communication channels (Discord and others) and require the contestants to explain how they solved certain tasks.
  6. Security testing, DoS/DDoS attack and "hacking" of the platform are not allowed.
  7. Brute-force attempts to set flags are not allowed.
  8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to "freeze" the Scoreboard before the end of the competition, so that the final results are unknown before the official announcement.
  9. The official results will be published by the Organizing Committee, the scoreboard situation does not necessarily reflect the final and official results.
  10. Competitors should follow the instructions and guidelines of the competition organizers.
  11. Competitors should respect all relevant legislation of the Republic of Serbia.
  12. The organizers of the competition will not provide any kind of help related to solving tasks.
  13. The communication channel during the competition is exclusively the CyberHero Discord server.

Teams in the finals

Београд, ETF
Ilija Radosavljević ETF1
Драган Милованчевић ETF1
Aleksa Miljković ETF1
Nikola Mitic ETF1
Ivan Mihailović ETF1
Aleksa Vučković ETF2
Jovan Jovanović ETF2
Ilija Obradović ETF2
Petar Vukotić ETF2
Ivana Djurovic ETF2
Andrija Stevanović ETF3
Konstantin Begović ETF3
Урош Матијаш ETF3
Nikola Bogdanović ETF3
Jovan Milanović ETF3
Београд, РАФ
Jovan Pavlović RAF1
Mihajlo Krsmanović RAF1
Aleksandar Jovanović RAF1
Vojin Golubovic RAF1
Luka Petrović RAF1
Anđela Komnenić RAF2
Djordje Zivkovic RAF2
Milan Jovanović RAF2
Luka Blagojevic RAF2
Jakša Kecojević RAF2
Београд, ФОН
Mirko Nikić FON 1
Emin Skrijelj FON 1
Stefan Jovanović FON 1
Luka Krstić FON 1
Vuk Janjusevic FON 1
Pavle Gašić FON 2
Stefan Puric FON 2
Petar Nikolić FON 2
Stefan Kotlaja FON 2
Tamara Drobnjaković FON 2
Београд, МФ
Igor Kandić MF
Andrej Pandiloski MF
Branko Grbic MF
Ivan Gogić MF
Marijana Čupović MF
Београд, Микс 1
Ostoja Sredojević BG
slavko mirkovic BG
Marko Žarković BG
Jovan Bogovac BG
Dejan Gojsovic BG
Београд, Микс 2
Igor Romanić UM
Ilija Spasić UM
Nikola Lazin UM
Dejan Bojkovic UM
Jovan Mihajlović UM
Ниш, ЕФ
Lazar Mančić 0x00
Andrej Premović 0x00
Bogdan Micić 0x00
Luka Lazarević 0x00
Marko Stanković 0x00
Strahinja Gocic UNI_TIM2
Dimitrije Glukčević UNI_TIM2
Teodora Kalezić UNI_TIM2
Djordje Stefanovic UNI_TIM2
Miloš Jovanović UNI_TIM2
Petar Polić UNI_TIM3
Mihajlo Petković UNI_TIM3
Veljko Mihajlović UNI_TIM3
Aleksandar Crnatovic UNI_TIM3
Vuk Radonjic UNI_TIM3
Нови Сад, ФТН
Dušan Lazić Panonimusi
Marko Gordić Panonimusi
Momir Stanišić Panonimusi
Danilo Kovačević Panonimusi
Ana Batranović Panonimusi
Bojan Mijanović Edgerunners
Vukašin Bogdanović Edgerunners
Jovan Jokić Edgerunners
Luka Đorđević Edgerunners
Mihailo Babic Edgerunners
Mateja Milivojev FlagHoarders
Marko Erdelji FlagHoarders
Ognjen Jovandić FlagHoarders
Stefan Katic FlagHoarders
Balaž Benedek FlagHoarders
Нови Сад, ПМФ
Petar Pilipović
i see EOF when i close my eyes
Miloš Medić
i see EOF when i close my eyes
Stefan Jovišić
i see EOF when i close my eyes
Petar Kapriš
i see EOF when i close my eyes
Miša Stefanović
i see EOF when i close my eyes