Cyber ​​Hero CTF 2024

Cyber ​​Hero CTF is an online competition for high school and college students geared toward beginners and cybersecurity enthusiasts who want to enter this world and expand their knowledge.

Additionally, this competition serves as preparation for the Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge 2024 (SCC2024) – a national cybersecurity competition for students and high school students. Applications for SCC2024 can be found on the following page:

Format: Jeopardy (competition format with a larger number of tasks from different categories)

Categories: web security, cryptography, forensics, reverse engineering, PWN, programming...

Competition start date: 24.2.2024. 10:00 CET

Completion date: 25.2.2024. 20:00 CET

Registration for the competition can be done on the competition platform:

On page you can find materials to prepare for the competition.

Note: You need to be registered on Discord to communicate during the competition and create an account. Then join the CyberHero discord server using the link: