Application for SCC 2024

Applications for the Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge 2024 are open.

Application form for the qualification phase of the Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge 2024 (SCC2024) competition. All students of higher education institutions, students of high schools in the territory of R. Serbia have the right to participate. Serbia, as well as citizens of the Republic of Serbia. The first, individual phase of the competition is planned for the weekend of 23-24. March 2024 and will be online. The second, final phase will be held in the physical space on May 14 and 15, 2024.

On page you can find materials to prepare for the competition. Additionally, on February 24, a preparatory competition called Cyber ​​Hero CTF will be organized - this competition will have simpler tasks, and you can find out more on the following page:

Note: You must be registered on Discord to participate and create an account. Then join the CyberHero discord server using the link:

For the application form, click: